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Classic Takoyaki

General Ingredients

(Makes 3 servings)


- 4 oz. of Otafuku Takoyaki Flour 
- 2 Eggs 
- 2 pcs Green Onion
- 1 cup Tempura Crisps
- A pinch of Aonori 
- Mayonnaise (to taste)

*Note: you may customize your Takoyaki by experimenting with other ingredients! We recommend jalapeno or cheese, but other favorite substitutions include corn, mochi, edamame, sausage, or shrimp!


You can find already prepared octopus meat at your local Japanese market (it comes pre-boiled already).


1. Mix Otafuku Takoyaki Flour, water, and eggs in a large mixing bowl until the flour fully dissolves. 

2. Heat oil on the cooking surface of your Takoyaki Maker and fill each hole about half way with batter. 

3. Place the rest of your ingredients, including the tako meat (or any substitute ingredients), into each hole, then fill to the brim with more batter.

4. Cook about halfway, then use a toothpick to turn each piece over.

5. Once the Takoyaki turns golden brown, garnish with Otafuku Takoyaki Sauce and serve hot!

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