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Scrambled Egg Bake

This recipe is really easy because you don't really have to calculate how much of each ingredient you use. Have...

Baked Okonomiyaki Puffs

These delicious okonomi puffs are the miniature version of our favorite dish! Use your favorite toppings to create ti...

Gluten-Free Okono-Meatballs

This okonomi meatball recipe is a delicious twist on a classic favorite! Use our okonomi sauce instead of traditional...

Classic Japanese Cutlets (Tonkatsu)

This delicious breaded pork cutlet is a Japanese favorite your family will love! Serve with rice or shredded veggies ...

Pork, Ginger and Brussels Sprouts Stew

This hearty pork, ginger and brussel sprouts stew is perfect for chilly winter evenings! Curl up with a healthy bowl ...
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