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Baked Okonomiyaki Puffs

These delicious okonomi puffs are the miniature version of our favorite dish! Use your favorite toppings to create ti...

Gluten-Free Veggie Yakisoba

Our traditional Japanese yakisoba recipe is as simple -and delicious- as it comes. Add whatever meats you like to thi...

Pasta Yakisoba

This delicious Italian-Japanese fusion dish combines traditional pasta with our signature Yakisoba sauce for a blend ...

Pork, Ginger and Brussels Sprouts Stew

This hearty pork, ginger and brussel sprouts stew is perfect for chilly winter evenings! Curl up with a healthy bowl ...

Jalapeno, Bacon, & Bell Pepper Yakisoba

This spicy Mexican-Japanese fusion dish is packed full of flavor! Substitute bacon for pork belly for a classical taste.

Shrimp Yakisoba

This stir-fry recipe calls for shrimp instead of beef or chicken. Customize your favorite veggies to taste!

Italian Sausage Yakisoba

This savory Italian stir-fry dish is tangy and loaded with veggies. You can hold the meat to make it veggie, or subst...

Bacon & Broccoli Yakisoba

This delicious broccoli and bacon yakisoba recipe could easily become your new favorite! Our modern take on classic s...

5-Ingredient Okonomiyaki

This simple recipe for okonomiyaki will have you eating in minutes! Just add veggies, bacon and your favorite sauce f...

Soyrizo Vegetarian Okonomiyaki

This delicious fusion recipe brings the best of Mexican and Japanese flavors for an umami flavor fiesta you'll love! ...

Cream Cheese, Mushroom, & Tofu Okonomiyaki

This delicious vegetarian okonomiyaki recipe is perfect for your Meatless Monday resolutions! Rich cream cheese compl...

Chicken & Pesto Okonomiyaki with Cheese

This chicken pesto okonomiyaki blends the best of both Italian and Japanese cuisine for a taste you'll love! Try with...
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