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Okonomiyaki in Orange County

Go Squared2

Mitsuwa Marketplace
14230 Culver Dr, Irvine, CA 92604

okonomiyaki on black plate

Full disclosure: Go Squared2 uses Otafuku okonomi sauce for their Kansai-style pancakes. They offer four kinds of meats to go with your pancake: pork, beef, squid, or a combo of meats, but you can go veg as well. Toppings include okonomi sauce, mayo, aonori and dancing bonito flakes, and you can also add green onions, cheese and soba if you'd like. The Torrance location bakes pink ginger slices right into the batter while the Irvine location tops their cakes with a thin fried egg layer, a la Hiroshima-style. The okonomiyaki is full-sized, meaning it can feed two moderately hungry adults or one really hungry person.

Yoshiharu Ramen

1891 N. Tustin St., Orange, CA 92865
6970 Beach Blvd. F-206, Buena Park, CA 90621

long okonomiyaki

This chain gets an honorable mention for their "okonomiyaki stick", a long, skinny Kansai-style pancake bar filled with cabbage and covered in okonomi sauce and bonito flakes. While it doesn't have the fancy fixin's you're probably used to on okonomiyaki (meat, mayo, aonori flakes), it does have that familiar grilled cabbage and batter taste. You can find this small bite on their appetizer menu, so order a few if you're really craving okonomiyaki.

Izakaya Sojuya

4498 Lincoln Ave, Cypress, CA 90630

large okonomiyaki with spatula

This Japanese/Korean fusion restaurant offers a wide variety of dishes and okonomiyaki happens to be one of them. You'll be treated to a large, pizza-style okonomiyaki stuffed with cabbage and carrots, drizzled with okonomi sauce and mayo and then sprinkled generously with bonito flakes. Your options for protein include traditional pork belly, seafood or half-and-half. Whatever you choose, you'll most likely be saving a few pieces for lunch the next day.

Know of any other okonomiyaki restaurants in Orange County that serve okonomiyaki? Let us know!

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