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Plenty of happiness: Tanoshii Fun Camp at Gardena Valley Japanese Cultural Institute

Tanoshii Fun Camp started as a way to connect Japanese-American children to their roots, but it quickly took on a lif...

Traditional Japanese food and Fusion Japanese food: Washoku and Yoshoku

What’s your favorite Japanese food? Is it crispy katsu on top of a warm bowl of rice? Maybe it’s a big bowl of ...

Where to Find Okonomiyaki Restaurants in the Bay Area

We did it again - we looked all throughout the Bay Area to bring you a list of restaurants that serve okonomiya...

Fantastic Veggies and Where to Find Them

Move over, peas, carrots and corn; there's some new veggies in town. If you're having...

Moon rabbits and autumn in Japan

Fall is the time of year known for changing leaves, cooling temperatures, and, in the west, the start of the holid...

Is Okonomiyaki Flour Just Regular Flour?

It’s time to make okonomiyaki! Wait, what kind of flour should you be using? Is okonomiyaki...

What is Okonomiyaki?

Okonomiyaki (pronounced "Oh-koh-no-mee-ya-kee") literally means, "whatever you like, fried." It be...

Who is Otafuku?

Otafuku is a popular figure in Japanese folk tales. Often depicted with large cheeks and a joyful smile, her na...

What is Takoyaki?

Takoyaki (たこ焼き, literally “grilled octopus”) is a dish made of wheat batter and filling, usually octopus.

Simple Ways to Make a Big Impact

Read our four quick and easy tips for reducing your impact on the planet and your wallet.

What is Okonomi Sauce?

You've heard about it, seen it - maybe even tasted it, but what is okonomi sauce? Read about the history of sauce in ...

Where to Find Okonomiyaki Restaurants in SoCal

Craving Japanese pancakes? Check out our list of the top restaurants where you can find okonomiyaki in Los Ange...
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